Partners in Project Green went through a massive transformation in 2013, realigning its programs, governance structure and membership program to enhance value for businesses in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone. We are pleased to share the results of this work with you via our 2013 Annual Report.

Below you will find the key highlights of the year, and we invite you to explore the report to discover the many achievements of the program and its partners.


Energy Performance

Energy continues to be high on the list of environmental target areas, due to high paybacks and big results both on the bottom line and environmental performance.  Working with our 

partners Enbridge Gas, HydroOne Brampton, Enersource Mississauga and Toronto Hydro, businesses in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone saw some significant reductions in 2013. Click here to read more.

Waste Management

With more and more businesses turning their sights on improving waste management performance, it was a very active year for this team.  The Materials Exchange Program saw 3 successful exchanges, resulting in 65 metric tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill, and a number of highly successful events resulted in tangible resources for Partners in Project Green members. Click here to read more.

Water Stewardship

Partners in Project Green set its sights on water stewardship in 2013, and laid the foundation for significant impacts. This group will be working to help businesses in and around the Pearson Eco-Business Zone reduce their water footprint, and has some very interesting projects up its sleeve. With Toronto Water and Region of Peel Water’s assistance, the Pearson Eco-Business Zone saw some significant reductions.  Click here to read more.

Communications & Engagement

Engaging employees in sustainability continues to be one of the most effective ways to drive results, and also one of the most challenging things to get right.  The People Power Challenge assisted 11 facilities with engagement last year, with some pretty impressive results. Partners in Project Green continued to engage businesses in training and networking events, with 1,448 representatives from 384 unique companies attending sessions. Click here to read more.


The value of Partners in Project Green is amplified, for every member, each time a new organization joins the community.  Member companies bring new insights, experiences, and knowledge to share.  And as the engagement of our membership deepens – as they participate in programs, connect with new contacts at events, and take on new sustainability challenges – the collective knowledge contained within our community is exponentially enhanced.

In order to facilitate the growth and resiliency of the network, an entirely new membership structure was developed. Through this new structure, members at all levels can extract what they need to move their sustainability agendas forward and can contribute their unique qualities and attributes back to the network in the ways that make the most sense for them.


The first part of 2013 was spent setting up and evaluating our governance structures to ensure they were delivering the desired outcomes for the program. As a result, we have created a structure that allows for enhanced accountability, and also the enhanced engagement, of all our governance committees.