Alex Dumesle, MBA, P.Eng. | Manager, Partners in Project Green

As the Partners in Project Green manager, Alex oversees the development and delivery of innovative sustainability programs that foster multi-stakeholder collaboration and yield important environmental, social and economic benefits for businesses in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone.

Jennifer Taves

Jennifer Taves | Project Manager, Partners in Project Green

Jennifer leads Partners in Project Green’s outreach and communications activities, aiding businesses in their quest for environmental improvement through employee engagement, capacity building, and program awareness. Jennifer holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in environmental policy and practice from the University of Toronto.


Malaz Sebai | Project Manager, Waste Management

Malaz leads Partners in Project Green’s waste management activities, supporting organizations to reduce their environmental footprint through waste diversion and avoidance. Malaz holds a Masters Degree In Business Administration, with a specialization in both business strategy and nonprofit administration, from Concordia University.


Eric Meliton | Project Manager, Water Stewardship

Eric leads Partners in Project Green’s water stewardship team, facilitating industry support for businesses in their initiatives related to water sustainability through stakeholder engagement, partnership development, and execution of corporate social responsibility objectives. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Environmental Science from Western University.

Adam Vaiya

Adam Vaiya BSc, LEED AP BD+C | Energy Management Technologist, Partners in Project Green

Adam works with companies in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone to identify, prioritize, and implement energy efficiency and conservation projects. Adam applies his Bachelor of Science specializing in biology from the University of Western Ontario and advanced diploma with honors in the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology Co-op Program from Humber College, to find innovative ways to engage businesses to embrace and incorporate sustainability into their corporate strategies.

Alexandra Papaiconomou

Alexandra Papaiconomou | Communication and Outreach Coordinator, Partners in Project Green

Alexandra studies environmental studies at York University. In her role as Communication and Outreach Coordinator for Partners in Project Green, Alexandra assists members realize the sustainable opportunities that are available through organizing training and networking opportunities and showcasing the works of businesses already on that path.

Yiyi Shangguan

Yiyi Shangguan | Research Assistant, Partners in Project Green

Yiyi works with companies to identify waste and surplus materials for the Materials Exchange Program. She facilitates material exchanges between businesses to help them reach their diversion goals. She also provides technical assistance to businesses required to report to the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw in Toronto, as part of the ChemTRAC Program. Yiyi studied chemical engineering at Queen’s University, and holds a Master of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo.


Alyssa Cerbu | Coordinator, Water Stewarship

Alyssa works with Partners in Project Green’s water stewardship team, whose long term goals include helping businesses better manage on-site stormwater, increase water efficiency as well as improve wastewater management. Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Commerce in strategic management, communications and geography as well as a Masters of Science in water resources management from McGill University.


Nathaniel Magder | Energy Assessment Technologist

Nathaniel works on the Eco-Efficency team, writing energy assessment reports that inform businesses of savings opportunities in their buildings and processes. Nathaniel holds an Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Energy and Building Technology from Humber College and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Guelph.

Cindy Barr

Cindy Barr | Administrative Assistant, Etobicoke-Mimico Watersheds

Cindy studied geography at Queen’s University, and ecosystem management at Fleming College. In her role as Administrative Assistant, Cindy keeps the Partners in Project Green team and Steering Committee organized and on track.