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BY THE NUMBERS (click on the links for more information)

7 Businesses joined the 2013-2014 Energy Leaders Consortium, pledging to reduce 15,500 eMWh annually by September 2014


42 Eco-Efficiency Assessment Reports were completed in partnership with Hydro One Brampton


39 businesses participated in the Green Power Challenge, sourcing 36,108 MWh of green energy from Bullfrog Power


222 individuals representing 163 organizations attended Energy Management training


3,076 companies collectively saved 6,922 KW of electricity


31 companies completed 43 projects to conserve 5,921,887 cubic metres of natural gas



Drive adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV): launching the EV Network will raise awareness while driving the adoption of EV’s and the installation of charging station infrastructure

Deliver Energy Assessments: a variety of energy assessments will become available, including high level thermal and electricity audits, along with more in-depth audits

Launch the Energy Management Consortium: designed to assist businesses new to the energy management game, this consortium will develop a culture of energy excellence in participating businesses